Board Of Directors

The Nueces Board of Directors is expanding and we are seeking nominations for 2 positions:
- Director of Community Engagement
Director of Branding & Communications

The Director of Community Engagement will be focused on engaging the wider Nueces community, with a primary focus on non-students; building relationships, and addressing concerns or issues that may hinder the Nueces experience we strive to preserve for all.

The Director of Branding & Communications will actively contribute to the Nueces Mosque reconstruction project, documenting the vision and organizing volunteer teams, while establishing communication guidelines for Nueces Mosque, coordinating marketing efforts, mentoring EC communications team members, and defining brand identity for Nueces Mosque.


The Board of Directors is critical to defining and executing the vision and mission of Nueces Mosque; leading collaboratively with the Executive Committee in the development of our ever-evolving institution.

Responsible for long-term institutional strategy and planning, the Board of Directors drives development on major institutional projects such as the first of its kind Reconstruction Project. Working collaboratively with the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors also strives to explore opportunities that may yield long-term operational efficiencies and success.

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Any board vacancies are to be filled by the Board of Directors through a nomination, interview, and selection process managed by a selections committee appointed by the Board. Anyone from the community can nominate individuals for an open Board position through an online form. The selections committee will then vet, interview & select candidates based on their qualifications for the nominated position(s).
The basic steps include:


The Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Board are internally selected by the Board.

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