Ramadan at Nueces

"Ramadan at Nueces is the most unique experience you'll ever see. Hundreds of students come together to break their fast, pray taraweeh, and get closer to Allah."
- Athar Tayyab

Sponsor an Iftar!

Nueces provides iftar to over 500 congregants every night in Ramadan, the majority of which are students. We need your help in order to raise this money. Each iftar costs $4,400 which will cover food, water, supplies, security, etc.

To allow for more of our community to contribute, each night will have 11 slots of $400 that you can sign up for. You are more than welcome to sponsor either a single slot, multiple slots, or make a generic contribution using the donation form below.

If you would like to sponsor an iftar on a specific date, please fill out: Iftar Sponsorship Form

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